Far Cry 4 (PC, 2014) – All things copy-pasted from FC3 actually are FC4’s best features

Far Cry 4 totally flew below my radar, so it was a pleasant Christmas surprise that it was released. I am a huge fan of sandbox games and I feel that scripted events in games belong to the late 90’s/early 00’s. Needless to say I had much fun with Far Cry 3. Lately I have very little time on my hands and play games only very rarely – but for sandbox games like these I cannot help but make an exception.

Before I got the game, I watched a review or two and they all criticized it for being little more than a copy of it’s predecessor. I doubt anyone can disagree with that. Although it has a new story, a new setting and a few new features like the grappling hook, a wingsuit and a lightweight-helicopter, everything else is exactly the same: outposts, radio towers, treasure hunting, the basic gameplay mechanics etc. But the gameplay is so good, Far Cry 3 was too short to do it justice. Far Cry 4 keeps the fun going. It’s all very familiar and therefore a little uninspired – it’s still a fun game. There are three major letdowns, however. All of them have little do to with the gameplay.


Watch Dogs (2014): A fresh take on sandbox games

Watch Dogs is a sandbox game. You can follow a story or just do anything you want. We’ve seen this before, but the creators made the game stand out by adding the ‘hacking’ part. You can use various elements in the city to your advantage. This makes for an interesting approach and it’s refreshing to see something new in the genre. Not that I would call sandbox games dull – they are, in fact, my favourite games. But there is one thing in particular that makes this game very, very entertaining. We’ll get to that later.